Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fill Ins


A few of my new bloggy friends have been doing these Friday fill ins, I really enjoy reading their posts so I thought I'd give it a try

I'm happy it's warm outside, I'm ready for spring, I wish it was here to stay.

Why do I have a big chest on a skinny body that leads people to think that I've been surgically enhanced even though that is something I would never ever do and not that there is something terribly wrong with it even though I wouldn't do it personally?

How does this webcam work anyway?

Every morning I put my tired old sweats on my tired old body.

I consider myself lucky because the love of my life is walking hand in hand with me through a horrible storm and he doesn't even complain when he comes home and I am still in my tired old sweats because he knows they are comfort.

One day we'll see with clarity the mighty things our mighty God has done through the storms in our lives.

As for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to visiting Brett, tomorrow my plans include watching Blake run the mile and the two mile at the Virginia High School League State Championships, and Sunday I want to cheer Joel on as he wrestles for the Freshman State Championship.


Laura said...

These Friday fill-ins are so fun to read, and they help me get to know my bloggy friends even better!

#1--Ready for spring? Amen to that!

#2--You make me smile :)

#4--sounds comfy to me

#5--blessed, you are

# 6--amen again!! and a hallelujah too!


sounds like a busy weekend. enjoy each moment of it, friend!

Gail W. said...

Hi Tina! I agree with Laura - Friday Fill-ins are a fun insight into folks. Sounds like you have a fun (if exhausting!) weekend as sports mom. I'm doing the same as I head off to my daughter's volleyball tournament later today. Thinking of you and praying for your special boy:)

Carol said...

Thank God for hubbies that love us in our tired old sweats.

#2 made me laugh out loud.

Hope your visit with Brett was goood, and Blake and Joel did awesome.


Laura said...

Hey, Tina...

Your comment on my bloggy giveaway really touched me, and you have been on my heart. I feel the Holy Spirit telling me to send you my copy of Stone Crossings.

Is that weird?

If you won't mind a slightly used, underlined version, with some notes written in the margins...

it's yours.

Just email me your address and I'll pop it in the mail!