Sunday, December 28, 2008

Over zealous sports fans

My pastor recently confessed few areas of weakness that he struggles with

Even though he prefaced his statement by asking us to take it seriously a few did laugh a bit when he said he is an over zealous sports fan. Specifically Virgina Tech football! The laughter came from the common knowledge of his zeal for his Alma mater. While not a sin most folks would classify as serious he went on to point out that if you are still elated or bummed (whichever the case may be) several days after the sporting event that perhaps there may be a problem there. I admit this did cause me to give my husband a sideways glance because it is all too common in our household for emotions to run one way or another when Minnesota sports are involved. He either did not notice my glance or purposely ignored it.

I have to say that this is an area I don't generally have problems with, unless.......

Unless the sports team involves my kids!!
I have to admit that yes, days after a big game, race, or match, I am too often elated or bummed!

I remember vividly a softball game that my daughter Lindly was pitching in. 

I was watching from a spot directly behind home plate.
It was the bottom of the seventh and  final inning, her team was ahead by only one run. The bases were loaded, there were two outs, and the count was 2 and 2! The girl who was up to bat had hit an "in the park" home run earlier in the game. 

Lindly rocks back,  throws the pitch...........



I think I'm going to be sick...Oh my gosh Lindly will be so embarrassed, her mother throwing up right behind home plate!!

I quash the urge. (thank you Lord)

My heart was pounding, I swear I could hear it!
The catcher throws the ball back to Lindly. She smiles

She pushes the dirt around in front of the mound, wipes her hand on her jersey and begins her wind up.

Rocks back, throws the pitch......

Strike three!! Game over!!


Who knew that being a mom would come with such perks?

Now I can't really say that I have thrown a winning pitch in a pressure situation

But I think I can say with confidence that I know what it feels like.

For the emotions washing over me at that moment I was blessed to see duplicated in my precious girl as she celebrated such a hard won victory with her team.

Is it wrong to be giddy over a sports victory a week removed? probably.

Reveling a victory with a child who has worked tirelessly to perfect her skill.
Now That! is a blessing from the Father.

I believe that my heavenly Father revels with me in each victory I manage to achieve here on earth, many of which are as well hard fought battles. It is so good to know He is right behind home plate for me.

Monday, December 22, 2008


So I have alot of trees in my backyard
so far quite a few leaves have fallen
bags and bags of them actually

If you look up at the trees you can see many leaves still hanging on
they seem to be dead....faded shades of brown and yellow, withered

Yet still...there they are...enduring...wind, rain, ice....
I suspect they are waiting...waiting

until I pick up their comrades.... ones who have already fallen

Last night, the wind howled, gusted, rattled the windows

and yet they hang on!

I'm sure of it
its a conspiracy among the trees

I will clean the yard.. free the grass from their suffocating grasp

only then will they fall

and the trees will laugh

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wild Ride

Parenting is like a really long roller coaster ride.

Have you ever gotten on a coaster and while you're on your way up thought...

"what the heck have I gotten myself into??"

click, click, click

Then before you can catch your breath you are FLYING!!! Weeee...WoooHoooo!!!

What great fun babies and toddlers can be! Your world is turned upside down but you LOVE it!

You no longer have any time to yourself for it is totally consumed with midnight feedings and diaper changes that eventually give way to a concentrated state of vigilance only an Army sentry could rival as toddlers seem to be intent on self destruction; walking into streets, swatting wasps, anything and everything seems to find a way to their mouths Oh and not to mention the horrific news stories of stranger abductions that seem to be on the news or talk shows daily!

but you don't care because with each sticky kiss and baby hug your heart just melts!!

Up, down, loop de loop!!

Just when you think you have the hang of it... WHAM! teenagers and grown children

Sometimes when you are on a roller coaster it's not pleasant and you just hang on tight.

Still... I usually get off the coaster and want to get right back on.

Some day my kids will be gone with kids of their own and I will remember the thrills and wish I could ride one more time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kreative Blogger Award

Okay, I can definitely think of ten things that make me smile but i don't think I have six blogger friends to tag.

Here goes with the ten things.

1. Gods creation, whether it is the beautiful trees in my back yard in varying shades of autumn or the rolling ocean view I witnessed at my niece's recent wedding His creation always makes me smile as it is a constant reminder of His love for us.

2. My husband Paul, for 25 years now he has been making me smile on a daily basis.

3. My boys,all three of them. Who knew how entertaining they would become while just being boys!

4. My incredible grown up daughter who is so much like her dad! To witness the walking talking female version of Paul would surely make anyone who knows and loves him smile!

5. My mom and dad! Their love is awesome to witness. I pray that the love that Paul and I share will endure as theirs has.

6. The sleepy kiss I get every morning when Paul leaves for work. On my bedside table he leaves me a carafe of coffee along with the paper and a cup with just the right amount of creamer in it so that when I wake up I can have a hot cup before I even get out of bed. He then gives me a kiss before he leaves. That always makes me smile!

7. Christmas music!!

8. My dog Jack! He is always genuinely happy to see me when I come home, whether I've been gone for a week or ten minutes! The way he pins his ears back, wags that tail and jumps up on my lap!! Unconditional Love! Who doesn't smile at that??

9. Watching Lindly and the boys catch up when she comes home from school, I didn't think I'd ever see the day that they would all get along and really like each other but that day has indeed come and it's wonderful to see.

10. A smile from a stranger! as long as it's a real one and not a creepy stalker kind of smile, those just give me the willies!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lost Boy

There once was a charming little boy who looked at the moon and saw a cookie

He had the biggest brown eyes that danced when he smiled and a more charming smile did not exist.

He enamored everyone wherever he went, even the crankiest of old men
Everyone loved him...... but most of all his mommy

She didn't know such love was even possible, sometimes the fear of something happening to him was more than she could bear

He brought her such joy!

Questions all the time about every little thing.....
Why does water bubble when it gets hot? Why don't spiders fall off the ceiling? Who made God?

hugs, kisses, giggles, and always I Love You Mommy!

Then one day when she wasn't looking..... He started to grow up.
He could get his own cereal in the morning and pour his own juice, he could even take a bath and wash his own hair.

He found the answers to alot of his questions in books and of course school.
So he didn't need his mommy so much anymore.
She was sad but all little boys need to grow up so she let him.

Years went by and the mommy was very busy as mommies always are. There were other children to care for, errands to run, and always housework.

Then one day she realized that she had not seen the little boy in awhile, Oh she saw him come and go but as she watched him she realized a difference about him.

He looked like her little boy, same dark hair, same big brown eyes... maybe that was it, his eyes didn't dance anymore.

There were no questions, no hugs,no kisses not even an occasional giggle.

Where did he go??

In time she began to look for him.

Sometimes she felt like she would never find him...she cried alot

She looked and looked but he was nowhere....

A couple of times she thought she had found him but alas it wasn't her little boy at all an imposter, a cruel imitation, he looked like the boy, talked like him, walked like him...but it wasn't him. Gone were the dancing eyes, the thoughtful questions.

When she looked at him she saw indifference, pain, a disregard for all that he used to hold dear.

In time she came to see that the sweet boy she loved was indeed there but trapped.

Trapped in a haze of confusion, lies, drugs, addiction.

Did he even understand he was trapped? Could he just leave? Did he want to leave?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A very important day is right around the corner.

It's not a wedding anniversary or a birthday but an anniversary of a meeting

a meeting that changed my life forever.
Funny, I was in a bad mood for most of the night.
Out of sync with my good friends who all seemed to be following their own agendas.
Not having a strong will to follow my own I tagged along with them.
Larry, Tom, Robin.
Odd... at the time they were my closest I haven't a clue where they are.
Then there was cute! SO funny!! Totally 80's wearing a skinny tie.
Hands down the best looking man ever!
October 7, 1983
God reached down from heaven and sent me the love of my life
one who has ever since that day cared for me, loved me, and kept me laughing!
I didn't realize until recently that the laughter is what keeps me going.
For those who know me well I am a melancholy sort..prone to drama and tears.
at least I used to be... "Tina, don't be so dramatic!!" a favorite of mom in my youth.
But for the last 25 amazing years I have laughed and loved as Paul and I walk through life together.
Looking forward to the next 25!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Why is it that when you are surrounded by darkness....

even the littlest bit of light can seem so BRIGHT?

and conversely, when immersed in light

the smallest bit of darkness is hardly noticeable at all?

We are always drawn to light, it's impossible to ignore

Yet darkness is subtle

it has a way of sneaking up on you

If the light dims ever so slightly...just a bit at a time

you don't even realize it, until one day....

you are all alone.... in the dark.....