Sunday, December 28, 2008

Over zealous sports fans

My pastor recently confessed few areas of weakness that he struggles with

Even though he prefaced his statement by asking us to take it seriously a few did laugh a bit when he said he is an over zealous sports fan. Specifically Virgina Tech football! The laughter came from the common knowledge of his zeal for his Alma mater. While not a sin most folks would classify as serious he went on to point out that if you are still elated or bummed (whichever the case may be) several days after the sporting event that perhaps there may be a problem there. I admit this did cause me to give my husband a sideways glance because it is all too common in our household for emotions to run one way or another when Minnesota sports are involved. He either did not notice my glance or purposely ignored it.

I have to say that this is an area I don't generally have problems with, unless.......

Unless the sports team involves my kids!!
I have to admit that yes, days after a big game, race, or match, I am too often elated or bummed!

I remember vividly a softball game that my daughter Lindly was pitching in. 

I was watching from a spot directly behind home plate.
It was the bottom of the seventh and  final inning, her team was ahead by only one run. The bases were loaded, there were two outs, and the count was 2 and 2! The girl who was up to bat had hit an "in the park" home run earlier in the game. 

Lindly rocks back,  throws the pitch...........



I think I'm going to be sick...Oh my gosh Lindly will be so embarrassed, her mother throwing up right behind home plate!!

I quash the urge. (thank you Lord)

My heart was pounding, I swear I could hear it!
The catcher throws the ball back to Lindly. She smiles

She pushes the dirt around in front of the mound, wipes her hand on her jersey and begins her wind up.

Rocks back, throws the pitch......

Strike three!! Game over!!


Who knew that being a mom would come with such perks?

Now I can't really say that I have thrown a winning pitch in a pressure situation

But I think I can say with confidence that I know what it feels like.

For the emotions washing over me at that moment I was blessed to see duplicated in my precious girl as she celebrated such a hard won victory with her team.

Is it wrong to be giddy over a sports victory a week removed? probably.

Reveling a victory with a child who has worked tirelessly to perfect her skill.
Now That! is a blessing from the Father.

I believe that my heavenly Father revels with me in each victory I manage to achieve here on earth, many of which are as well hard fought battles. It is so good to know He is right behind home plate for me.

Monday, December 22, 2008


So I have alot of trees in my backyard
so far quite a few leaves have fallen
bags and bags of them actually

If you look up at the trees you can see many leaves still hanging on
they seem to be dead....faded shades of brown and yellow, withered

Yet still...there they are...enduring...wind, rain, ice....
I suspect they are waiting...waiting

until I pick up their comrades.... ones who have already fallen

Last night, the wind howled, gusted, rattled the windows

and yet they hang on!

I'm sure of it
its a conspiracy among the trees

I will clean the yard.. free the grass from their suffocating grasp

only then will they fall

and the trees will laugh