Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chapter 9: The Right Kind of Fear

As usual the authors words are in red

In this chapter Micca talks about good fear. Up until now we have been discussing unhealthy fears.

 "To have godly fear means to revere and hold God in awe, not offending Him with sin..... Reverential fear is a noble and healthy fear of God's greatness and holiness"

This kind of fear is good. It keeps us on the path God intends. When Micca writes "What would our world look like if spouses respected one another, children honored their parents, citizens obeyed the laws and authorities, and all people revered the Lord?" Our world would indeed look more like what God intended. 

I have seen glimpses of this in my life. As my husband and I seek God as we raise our family there are times where God's grace and love abound. Within our church family we see glimpses as well. Wherever there are believers who are living lives surrendered to God there will be the blessings that come with obedience. Security, unconditional love, peace and harmony.

Whether people believe in God or not He is real. He is the one who created the universe and set all the laws in motion. Physical laws and spiritual laws. Those who fear God and obey his laws are always blessed. Those who may not know Him and fear Him but obey His laws will be blessed as well, just not to the degree that a true relationship brings. Whether you believe in gravity or not you are subject to it.

Likewise whether you believe in God's principals or not you will "reap what you sow", you are subject to the spiritual laws of the universe just like the physical laws.

 If they have obeyed many of the spiritual laws God has set in place. Treat others the way you want to be treated, Be kind, compassionate, give to the poor and needy etc... A life lived following these laws will most undoubtedly be blessed. 

Perhaps this is why some nonbelievers can so easily dismiss the possibility of an omnipotent God. Often they just don't realize that He is the one responsible for their joy, they don't think they "need" God.

It always amazes me when I hear non believers say things like. "If he is such a good god why does he allow suffering?" or "I don't want to worship a god who lets murderers go to heaven". Usually these statements are made with an air of arrogance or at the least frivolity.

I sometimes want to grab them and give them a shake as I remind them just who they are so casually speaking about.

The one true God of the universe!!

The ONLY response to Him should be on our face reverence for He is Holy! He set the stars in the sky and hung the moon for goodness sake!! We should tremble at His name. 

But.... I have yet to shake one I'm sharing with. So far God has always given me the grace and patience needed. The Holy Spirit gives me the words to share and He continues to work in the hearts of man as He draws them to Himself.

For yes He is Holy but He is also full of mercy and grace.

2 Peter 3:9b 
"......  Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance"

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