Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wake up
Get out of bed
Get dressed
make the bed
Don't cry
Seek God in His word
talk to mom
Pray some more...

This is my life

the thing is....
many mornings, I don't want to get out of bed
I want to lie in my tears and go back to sleep

but not really....
what I really want is....

For Brett to come walking through the door saying hey momma what's up?
To find a sunny spot in my yard to plant a garden
To play with my crazy little Jack
To cook healthy for the two athletes I have that work so hard
To get involved in ministry
To share the gospel with the broken and the lost

I want my old life back......
It was easy

What I am learning though is...
That was then and this is now...
Easy isn't always best

Back then I didn't see Jesus like I see him now
I didn't yearn for the prompting of the Holy Spirit like I do now
I didn't seek God the Father in his word like I do now
I didn't desire to share this amazing Grace that I live in like I do now

Even though sometimes when I wake up I just want cry and go back to sleep
God gently nudges me out of bed so I can 

Get dressed
make the bed

and hopefully some day soon by his power 
I will have a new life,"new and improved"
I will be able to do more


Laura said...

You are a beautiful, strong, woman of God. He will walk you through this. You are so brave, such an inspiration. Still praying for you, Tina.

Heather said...

You really are my hero and I know you give all the glory to God. You are truly living out your faith in such a big real way. I'm so glad you choose every day to listen to God as he nudges you out of bed.

I pray that one day soon you will have that new and improved life. Praying for you.