Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Momma, mommy, mom, Ma, Mother, or Muther (insert sarcastic indignation here)

Depending on the day the child is having I can be addressed many different ways. I remember my first. Sitting with him, staring down at those big brown eyes pulling him close, kissing his warm baby head, Oh the smell of a newborn baby 


what will he be like when he grows up? How will his voice sound? Aching for the day I first hear "mommy"

Be careful what you wish for... 

Soon enough I had a chorus of mommy's. 
Three children followed the first and as the wife of a navy man deployed often it was always.......


Mommy he's touching me!! 
Mommy make the boys leave my room!!
Mommy can we have ice cream?
Mommy she's looking out my window! (a favorite in the van)
Mommy make them be quiet!!

I am almost ashamed to admit that there were days when I just wanted to put in ear plugs and hide!

On those days I would take myself back to that moment on the sofa with the firstborn, before the chaos and remember .........

Two of the four are grown now and the other two are close behind. 
I never hear the name "mommy" anymore. 

These days it's always just hey mom,

Hey mom, can Alex come over?
Hey mom, can we get fast food tonight?
Hey mom, where are my shoes?
Hey mom, can you pick me up from school?

except for that first born.....
He still calls me momma

My heart aches to hear it......

even from a jail cell

I love you too momma.....


Carol said...

I still call my mom Mommy. I think it gives us both peace and joy.

Tina said...

my mom is spanish and she calls me tinita pronounced tee - nee - tah (with her lovely spanish accent of course), she is the only person in the world who calls me that, I love it. Funny how special things develop between mothers and children

hkudla said...

How I have ached as my boy, my oldest, now 5, has started from time to time calling me mom, rather than mommy. He can't possibly be growing up that fast, can he?

My little girl isn't little anymore either! She's just 3, but trying to keep up with big brother is making her seem older than her years... i know pretty soon I will be losing the "mommy" from her too...
God bless,