Sunday, April 5, 2009

I found my soul

This was a writing prompt from Seedlings in Stone  that I began but didn't finish until recently. If you haven't spent time over there you should definitely go for a visit, it's such a cool place with much to offer. It is the blog of the author L.L. Barkat. A lovely woman full of grace and encouragement and awesome writing prompts for newbies like me.

I found my soul.....

backed into a dimly lit alley

sickly, malnourished,  yet fierce...


in between the shadows 

I could see her ....

eyes flashing....... undaunted

The evil ones

they came at her 



three at a time

with savage blows

they beat her down...

she bore each new blow with a determined stare

facing them, one by one

with calm defiance

I stood, mesmerized 


As her claws came out

Sharp teeth, ready to do battle

As she fought with a rage only a mother knows

a mother protecting her young

they left her

wounded, but not defeated

I watched her walk to a corner in the alley

a faint mew....

Her young one was safe


Laura said...

Wow, Tina.

Very powerful. Evokes that mother fighting instinct in me!

I love visiting L.L. over at Seedlings. She has helped me grow as a writer.

Sending love,

Tina said...

thanks Laura,

I gave the prompt to Brett, he said he has been working on it, I am looking forward to what he comes up with.

Laure said...

you paint a strong, sharp picture here, tina.

"she bore each new blow with a determined stare" ... i can see it!

L.L. Barkat said...

My favorite phrase...

to a corner in the alley

a faint mew....

The quiet after the hard work. Yes.

Gail W. said...

This is lovely, Tina! Thanks for posting the photo of Brett - having a face to go with the prayers reminds me to keep lifting him up. Love you!

Billy Coffey said...

This is just so, so good. Such clarity and passion.

Liz said...

Very well done.