Friday, April 3, 2009

Beautiful Day

What a glorious day 

The sun showed up today 

Flowers are everywhere and my trees are budding 

Not much in my circumstances has changed

I'm still walking a long scary road full of unknowns


I know that when the sun goes down and the road gets dark

I am not alone

I am walking hand in hand with Jesus

He gave me a lamp

Just in case I get scared in the dark and let go of His hand

I will be able to find my way back

Psalm 119:105


Laura said...

Hi, Tina!

I love the picture of Brett you have added. what a handsome guy!

Isn't spring glorious? I am enjoying the budding trees as well, and plan on getting out in that sunshine today!

Sending hugs,

Tina said...

Thanks Laura,

Brett is a handsome fella for sure, I continue to be encouraged in his spiritual growth as we talk during the week.
Spring has a way of making even the darkest times seem not so dark. God is so Good!