Monday, January 26, 2009

The waiting

Morning dawns a new day
The sun unfolds rays of brilliant light as I gaze across the yard
My forehead pressed against the glass
looking for footprints long gone...
Birds sing sweetly
children are laughing, playing 
Yet somehow....
there is no warmth from the sun  
the brilliant rays are suddenly dim
The sweet songs from the birds are sad to me now
I strain to hear the laughter but I cannot.....
My boy is lost
My boy is lost


Sue said...

My husband is not a Christian. When God gave me the gift of faith 30 some years ago, I never imagined my 2 kids would fall away from faith when they grew up, and their dad would still be an unbeliever at this point. It hurts, but I have to leave it in God's hands.

They all recognize my faith, and know that God is real to me, but choose not to believe it for themselves. God has sent people to witness to my son, who likes to argue with them. What really hurts me, is that he now has a one year old. They don't seem to have a problem with me taking him to church if we're watching him on a Sunday, but that doesn't happen often, and I am wondering what they will say as he gets older. I am hoping they receive the gift of faith soon.

Is your son still living with you? I haven't read your older posts, except for the ones on this page.

Sending hugs and prayers your way,

Tina said...

Sue, I never know how to respond to a question that is asked here?? here or there.. anyway no my son does not live with us anymore. He moved out in July. We thought he was doing better but recently found out that he is addicted to heroin. Devastating, he was here for a few days but left last week. We have no idea where he is. I so appreciate the hugs and prayers. We can use all the prayer power we can get!

Sue said...

Hi Tina,
When I ask a question or say something I think the original poster might comment to, I subscribe to the follow-up comments, and they get emailed to me.

Addictions are a difficult thing. Are there support groups in your area? I know there are in mine. I bet there could be online ones, as well.

I hope you can take care of yourself by eating as well as you can, and getting enough sleep and exercise. I know you weren't asking advice from me, but it's my mother in me giving it anyway.

Of course being in the Word will build you up as well, so you can face each day.

More hugs and prayers,