Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, I'm upstairs in my room getting ready to tackle some cleaning when I hear a LOUD unidentifiable noise.

The noise is followed by an even louder noise which turns out to be Paul yelling at Blake.
upon investigation I discovered that Blake has inadvertantly wrecked my car. 
Yes, my way cool 2007 blue Nissan Altima.   You know.....the one that makes me feel like a rock star every time I drive it. Even though deep down I know rock stars don't drive Altimas

It seems as though when he parked the car he felt it was too close to Pauls car so he tried to back out and re-park to give himself more room and in doing so he got too close to the garage door and it hooked the bumper. Why he continued backing out once he heard the noise is unknown at this point.

Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.

As you can imagine it took Paul the rest of the evening to calm down, not without first berating Blake, ranting, snapping at me and fuming for a time. I don't suppose he will sleep well tonight. Even though I am happy to report he did manage to take a break from his snit to talk to Blake once I let him know that he (Blake) was pretty busted up over it.

Why is it that men (or maybe its just my man) get so torqued up over stuff like this? 
Broken cars, leaky washers, football? 

Yet, life issues like wayward boys, teen rebellion, and the general angst that comes with raising kids seem to just roll off them like water off a duck's back?

Its just a car, it will get fixed. 
No malice, he wasn't speeding, driving while texting, or doing any number of stupid things kids his age are prone to do that cause accidents thank God. 

No  catastrophe..... just a bummer.


Liz said...

Oh my gosh! Imagine my shock...I was speaking to you on the phone when I heard the words,"Be careful with my car." ugh.
No shock regarding the remainder of your post. Trying to laugh at loud, but knowing it is not as funny as it sounds here.
Prayers for you, dear Friend.
And oh...way bummer about the cool Altima. I am so sad for you.

Heather said...

True, true. Don't sweat the little things. We have had that conversation in our house, too. The cars, they just don't matter. Blake is fine and safe and sound. That matters. It is a bummer, though. I hope it gets fixed soon so you can be a rock star once again;)

Carol said...

So true, men really have a tough time with broken cars, and leaky faucets.

We just bought 4 new tires for our car today. My dh is no car mechanic infact that's more me than him. He was insistent we needed brakes I told him no that the signs weren't there.

So today when he took the car for the tires, he proudly told me we don't need brakes. I said I know. He looked at me perplexed and said how did you know, I just said you can tell by the way it drives. lol

Oh well, I hope your hubs calms dad, and I'm glad Blake was not hurt.

Prayers of course for you and continued patience. I'm sure you'll be driving like a rock star soon.


Sue said...

My husband gets upset over all kinds of things. He takes things way too seriously. He'll stew over things that I don't even think about. If I misplace something, I'll look for it, or know it will turn up, but he can't stop thinking about something until it's found.

I also remember him getting into it with our son, who was and is at age 30 as bullheaded as his dad.

I'm sorry about your car.