Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A very important day is right around the corner.

It's not a wedding anniversary or a birthday but an anniversary of a meeting

a meeting that changed my life forever.
Funny, I was in a bad mood for most of the night.
Out of sync with my good friends who all seemed to be following their own agendas.
Not having a strong will to follow my own I tagged along with them.
Larry, Tom, Robin.
Odd... at the time they were my closest friends...now I haven't a clue where they are.
Then there was Paul..so cute! SO funny!! Totally 80's wearing a skinny tie.
Hands down the best looking man ever!
October 7, 1983
God reached down from heaven and sent me the love of my life
one who has ever since that day cared for me, loved me, and kept me laughing!
I didn't realize until recently that the laughter is what keeps me going.
For those who know me well I am a melancholy sort..prone to drama and tears.
at least I used to be... "Tina, don't be so dramatic!!" a favorite of mom in my youth.
But for the last 25 amazing years I have laughed and loved as Paul and I walk through life together.
Looking forward to the next 25!

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Heather said...

OH my goodness, Tina! You are such a gifted writer. Truly, truly. This is beautiful and I love it because I so remember this story when it was much closer to the time that you actually had met. So beautiful. Isn't it great to love and be loved?