Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wild Ride

Parenting is like a really long roller coaster ride.

Have you ever gotten on a coaster and while you're on your way up thought...

"what the heck have I gotten myself into??"

click, click, click

Then before you can catch your breath you are FLYING!!! Weeee...WoooHoooo!!!

What great fun babies and toddlers can be! Your world is turned upside down but you LOVE it!

You no longer have any time to yourself for it is totally consumed with midnight feedings and diaper changes that eventually give way to a concentrated state of vigilance only an Army sentry could rival as toddlers seem to be intent on self destruction; walking into streets, swatting wasps, anything and everything seems to find a way to their mouths Oh and not to mention the horrific news stories of stranger abductions that seem to be on the news or talk shows daily!

but you don't care because with each sticky kiss and baby hug your heart just melts!!

Up, down, loop de loop!!

Just when you think you have the hang of it... WHAM! teenagers and grown children

Sometimes when you are on a roller coaster it's not pleasant and you just hang on tight.

Still... I usually get off the coaster and want to get right back on.

Some day my kids will be gone with kids of their own and I will remember the thrills and wish I could ride one more time.


Liz said...

Hey Friend! I think I am in the car in front of you!!!!! Hang on.
Love you and your post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina-I followed over from Liz's blog and I think my rollercoaster is in full-speed loopdeloops right now!!!

But I too, would get right back on when the ride stopped!!

you made me smile today!

blessings from PA

Heather said...

So well said!!! I didn't know you have a blog! I'm on the roller coaster with you for sure. What a bumpy ride, but so exciting, too!