Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Only a day late this time ....

I have spent much time on this blog writing about my oldest child, my lost boy, (now found) that I haven't written about my other children much

51. Lindly, my only daughter who is as unique and lovely as her name, given to her by her dad, who was away on a ship at the time of her birth. She is my ally in this sea of testosterone I live in.

52. Blake, who will be running with the Buffaloes soon (as in the University of Colorado Buffaloes) My heart is already aching at the thought of his absence ... he brings such joy into our home with his wonderful humor ... he makes us all laugh

53. Joel, my youngest. He has touched my heart by the way he so quickly forgave his older brother. When I felt the whole world was against my lost boy ... he was one who stood with me.

54. Paul and his unending patience with me.

55. Listening Prayer .. a wonderful book about learning to hear God's voice ...

56. air conditioning .... it's HOT outside

57. chemo therapy and radiation ... killing cancer cells in my dear dad's body

58. my mom and her undying devotion to dad

59. time

60. a phone call from a friend ... rejoicing with me as I count down the days until Brett comes home.

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