Thursday, August 5, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Ohh maybe someday I will find the consistency I have been looking for, maybe next week it will turn up. I have been looking for quite some time. I suspect it is around here somewhere, not lost, just misplaced.
 I digress ... even though it's been awhile since I put gratitude to screen. I continue with my list of a thousand blessings (even though a thousand is but a mere sampling of multitudes I've been blessed with)

41. Paul .... can I ever have a list that would not include him?
42. Flipping the calendar to August to finally see the day my prodigal son will once again grace our table.
43. Gray cat purring in my lap .... a seemingly small blessing that brings an abundance of peace and rest for my soul each day.
44. technology that connects me to a dear friend thousands of miles away ... i  miss her, even years later
45. unexpected concert tickets on a balmy Friday night ... good time with blessing number 41
46. hope
47. good neighbors
48. a hot summer to follow up such a bitter cold winter
49. a child who has the gift of humor .... who always makes me laugh, even when he isn't trying to be funny
50. legacy .... mom and dad and 49 years of marriage

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Heather said...

IT'S AUGUST!!!!!!!! I am counting down with you!!!!!