Friday, June 25, 2010

Boats, Helicopters and Faith

A man trapped in his home as flood waters rise.

A rescue boat comes by as he is climbing onto the roof of his house.

"don't waste your time on me" he says "the Lord will save me"

He spends time in prayer asking the Lord to save him.

After awhile another boat comes, by now all that is above the water is his roof.

"Oh no,  save someone else" "my faith is strong" "the Lord will save me"

More time in prayer ....

soon he is treading water

a helicopter hovering above him drops a life preserver

"no, no, my faith will not waver " "the Lord will save me"

sadly, the man drowns ....

when he gets to heaven he falls before the Lord

"Oh Lord, I had such faith! Why did you not save me from the flood waters??"

The Lord looks at him with eyes full of love, smiles and says

My child, I sent two boats and a helicopter ......

This is one of my all time favorite jokes. I love it because it is clean and it is also such a good illustration at how often we do not see how our heavenly Father is caring for us. We have our own ideas of what his help will be, how it will look, and when it will come.

A week ago my son, who has been incarcerated at a local regional jail for the last fifteen months was transferred. With less than two months left to serve he has been sent to a processing facility to determine which penitentiary he should go to. Most likely he will remain there for the duration of his sentence since the process usually takes longer than the total time he has left.

Once again I find myself assaulted by worries. The enemy whispers lies.

Today as I was walking and praying I asked God why he has allowed the enemy to attack me once again. I thought I had won this battle months ago yet here I am  again being tossed about by worry and fear.

This joke came to mind and when I returned home from my walk I spent time in His word.

Two boats and a helicopter ......

I found a boat today in Proverbs

I need to keep my eyes open for the next one .....


Heather said...

You, my friend, have faith and have been such an example to me. I am so sorry that Brett moved at what seems like a ridiculous time (really!!), but very glad that he didn't go alone. We have a big God who has proved over and over again that He never takes His hand from Brett. Hugs to you!

Laura said...

Oh, Tina, I have missed you! I'm sorry for this new attack. I can't imagine (what in the world were they thinking?). I'll keep praying for your sweet son. I just know the Lord has some amazing plans for him.

Heather said...

Alan said the people are stupid:-)

Maureen Loves Avon! said...

Your words spoke so much to me as I read them. I have enjoyed reading your Blog. I hope you will not mind me following your blog to read your inspirational writings. God is so Good! Maureen Plumb