Monday, May 17, 2010

Multitude Monday

Seems like somewhere along the way I missed some blessings. My dear husband pointed out to me that I had jumped from 30 to 41 ..... after some investigation i discovered that he was indeed correct. So, here are the missing 10. Although, today as I contemplate my blessings and endeavor to list some here I am struck by the simple truth that if I were to list every single one I would be here for days on end.

31. my dad  ...... I love him so much and have recently been reminded of this while waiting for him to come out of surgery.

32.  My sister, my brother and my mom. An abundance of happy childhood memories as the littlest Tinker.

33. Plane ticket that will take me home to mom and dad.

34. A supportive husband.

35. long phone conversations with my daughter, who is now one of my best friends.

36. a purring contented cat, lounging in my lap .... I don't know how or why this brings me so much peace, it just does =)

37. Bible study fellowship, this study has challenged me, strengthened me, and held me accountable.

38. A daily schedule that was once busy and demanding but now is slow, quiet, ... a time for seeking and resting.

39. a rainy day

40. grace, of which I am always in need

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Amelia said...

Thats a very inspiring list. I think I want to make one of my own.