Thursday, February 18, 2010

time to regroup

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately.
A year ago my world came crashing down around me through the drug addiction and subsequent arrest and incarceration of my oldest child.
I have written a great deal about it.
Mostly it has been scattered thoughts, some poetry here and there but overall it has been rather disjointed.

Brett and I pray that some day God will help us tell our story. It is one that is full of pain but also grace, mercy, redemption, and love. Right in the middle of it all is Jesus. I have started another blog in which to begin telling my side of it all. You can find it here .

I am hoping to continue to write about other things here as that was my original intent. This past year has been difficult and I have spent much of it alone, in prayer, in tears, and also sleeping!  It has been a time of rest, of strengthening, of seeking. I have cast off my mourning clothes. It is time to live, to hope, to dream again.

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