Saturday, January 23, 2010


My dear friend Heather was listening to K-LOVE radio and described a challenge they were talking about.
The challenge was to come up with one word that you would want to describe your life for this coming year.
Her word is faithful.
you can read about it here

At the end of her post she asks "what is your word?"

That one was an easy one for me


As I look ahead I see so much to come
My children are spreading their wings
one will go off to college in the fall
the youngest will have a drivers license
My daughter will be graduating from college, applying to medical school and possibly joining the military
Our prodigal son will be returning home from jail to begin the process of learning to live sober, drug free
As I look behind me I remember the great pain that came with last year ....

Oh these children of mine
they walk around each day carrying with them pieces of my heart

Do they know?

Do they see how tender, how fragile my mother heart is?

How it aches with each disappointment they face
each time they stumble and fall
I am there
falling, hurting
right along with them

As I write these words I think of  Jesus
"he wept"
tears of grief
of anger, indignation
at the consequence, the destruction that  sin brings
for those He loves
Mary, Martha, Lazarus ....


I carry Him with me every day
for each triumph
He smiles with me
for each heartache
He weeps with me

He holds my mother heart in His hands

and there I trust ....

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Heather said...

So true. Our children really do carry around our mother heart. I have felt my heart weeping bitterly this year over some choices of my children and am so thankful that I can trust Him with my heart even when it is breaking.

I love your word! Thanks for sharing it!