Thursday, December 10, 2009

My son

I don't know how many people will read this but I know God is sovereign and He has used many a blog of strangers to bless me this year for sure. I've been away recently from blogging as I continue to find my way on this difficult road I'm on. It has been much easier of a journey lately as God has answered my prayers with strength, faith and love in abundant measure. I posted this note on my facebook today to family and friends but thought I would re-post it here as well. Christmas is a time when we all love to give gifts from our hearts to our family and friends. This year I am limited in what I can do for Brett as he is in jail. One thing I can do is to encourage his friends to reach out to let him know they care. One of the things I have learned on this journey is that people many times do or say nothing for fear of offending, they think of the person in crisis and pray for them but often do not take that extra step to say "I'm thinking of you" . I have done that many times in the past myself and will look at people in crisis with new eyes from now on. So, this is my small gift to my son this Christmas if God lays it on your heart please send him a Christmas greeting and a prayer of good will. It will surely bless him and me.

For all my facebook friends

I'm sure by now many of you know that my son Brett is currently in jail. It is my fervent prayer that some day he and I will somehow be able to share in written or spoken word the story of God's mighty power, His deliverance, forgiveness and grace as it has played out in our lives and the lives of our family this year.

This Christmas season is bittersweet for us as we are all missing Brett. As a family we have always had wonderful holiday traditions as I am sure many of you do as well. His absence will be the part that is bitter but the sweetness of knowing he is alive, free of drugs, and walking with Christ daily is surely taking the sting out of that.

I want to share his address here for those who would like to send him a letter or Christmas card. I know that often people feel awkward in these types of situations. Please don't, something I have learned .. anyone in jail or prison would love to get a letter from anyone!! Daily life in jail is quite monotonous. Brett is the same lovable, optimistic, fun guy he has always been. We laugh all the time when we visit and talk on the phone. We have had some hard times this year to be sure but they are behind us and the future looks bright.

For those who are in Christ that are reading this note I ask that you please pray for Brett and our family that God would continue to draw him close and strengthen him and us as we continue on this path. For those who aren't sure whether or not they truly know Jesus Christ it is my sincere prayer that you will seek Him with your whole heart, for I know if you do that then you will find Him. For He is the reason for this glorious season of joy! Romans 10:9-10

Brett Theroux 0024976
Hampton Roads Regional Jail 3-5
P.O. Box 7609
Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

May God Bless you each one this wonderful holiday season
In His perfect love,


Laura said...

Oh, Tina! I am writing this down. And though he probably wouldn't want to receive a note from a crabby old lady like me, I feel certain he would like to know how his story inspired me, how it gives me hope for those who have fallen into those same traps, and that God is singing over him.


Liz said...

Thank you for posting this and I hope he doesn't mind a note from us...all of the Russell's are praying for him and loving on him -even still.

Tina said...

you are welcome =)

I'm sure he would be happy to receive a note from you all.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Tina,
I have been negligent in reading the blogs I have listed in my Christian blog's sidebar. I am actually looking for Gail W. because Paula said she found my blog through her, but I'm also reading the blogs I click on. Do you think God's hand may be in my activity today?

I will pray for your family and your son. I can't promise I'll send him a card, because I'm terrible at getting things in the mail.

I get sad at Christmas time, because my husband, son and daughter are not believers. My brother and sister are not, either, and it sounds like my church going dad is having doubts, too.

May God comfort you with His joy and peace through the holidays and while your son is in jail.