Saturday, August 1, 2009

Take my hand

So, I've been away for awhile, literally (traveled to Minnesota to visit Paul's family) and also emotionally (just haven't had my spiritual self together enough to post coherently).

Just when you are so weary of walking  alone God sends the perfect friend to come alongside and take your hand.

I got a phone call yesterday from a dear, dear friend. She and I were inseparable when we were teenagers. I moved to Guam when I was 16. Having been plucked from a life of Texas high school football games, dance core, good friends, and all around American high school fun it was a most miserable move for me.

Then I met Sherry. A soul mate. We talked, we laughed, we shared our hopes and dreams. That was 28 years ago. We have kept in touch over the years through Christmas cards and an occasional phone call but as time passed the cards became fewer and the phone calls more infrequent.

Then, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and social networking, a peek into each others lives once more.  It was then that I realized how much I have missed my friend. E-mails here and there a wall post, comments, cyber hugs OOO. 

Then yesterday a phone call ....

Seems like we live parallel lives. Our situations could not be more different, yet the similarities are true. 
Only God can weave a story like this. 

How is it that she knows exactly how I feel? How is it that she knows just what to say? How is it that in spite of the years apart the conversation flows freely as if it has been a daily occurrence?

God's ways are not our ways.  ... in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose ..... Romans 8:28

He is always there, whether we acknowledge him or not ... working, weaving his love and grace into our lives in spite of the decisions we make. If only we would look for him more often than we do.

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sherry said...

My dear friend, sister and soulmate, Tina! As I read through this heartfelt entry, I had to pause a moment and feel a great big hand on my shoulder, the lord, and your's! thank you for sharing in my life. For always somehow being in it without me even knowing sometimes. Ive often sat in awe of my own event's and crisis in my lifetime so far and wondered.." how did I ever make it to this point by myself?" answer is that now Iam aware of the lord's presence in me, I know I never was alone and that anyone who has ever known me, has somehow been a rock of support in many ways. people we have in and out of our lives are there for a reason, this I truely believe whole-heartedly now. Your a blessing to me, and evreyone's lives youve touched. What an amazing woman you had grown to be. We we always share life's experiences and growth's as we continue to age. I love you very much, and Iam itting in your heart every moment of every day. Hugs. XO Sherry