Sunday, August 2, 2009

House hunting

walls colored an ordinary beige

braided rugs

ruffled curtains 

heirlooms, pictures, things ....

memories not  mine

here in this foreign room

I quickly take it in

as I paint a picture of my family here

My treasures

my loves

socked feet sliding on hardwood floors

colors..... ruby red, rich chocolate brown, creamy white

lazy winter days curled up under soft blankets lost in a good book

the laughter of my children

bouncing off the walls and into my heart

memories to carry with me always


I can see it ......


Billy Coffey said...

SO good! That's a lovely picture within a picture.

L.L. Barkat said...

Loved that part about the children's laughter bouncing off the walls and into your heart. I should think of my walls that way...

Laura said...

Oh, Tina! Your home feels so warm to me. These words made me miss the days when the boys were small. Time flies when your having fun :)

mom2six said...

I can see it also...warm and rich. I like it.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh the joys of house hunting. Thank God that portion of my life is over and settled. I had never done it on my home prior to this spring. I sold my home alone and bought this one. It is scary because with one income and with very little choices in my town, I was scared. I endured that "fear" alone and would have loved someone to be in the boat with me.

It's exciting but nerve racking at the same time...especially with time constraints and the possibility of being homeless (selling one and not having one to buy).

I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog but you have your no-reply commenter set in blogger. My first thought was if your struggle was with your son. I've not been on your blog in some time to see if there is anything new there.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I felt a kindred spirit when you said you hate bushes in front of houses too. :-)
sweet blessings,

deb said...

I agree with L.L., the laughter bouncing off the walls makes the room come alive.

sojourner said...

living room...yes?