Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's like a bomb went off in my life and I'm still picking up the pieces 

Trying to figure out how they all go together

I have piles here and there

Not everything survived the blast

But that's ok 

Whatever isn't here obviously wasn't necessary

I imagine I will get it all together eventually

Until then I will 

continue to putter about this mess

sifting, sorting

keeping, tossing

all the while humming as I go

It is well, It is well,

with my soul


Billy Coffey said...

Oh, my...

Stacy said...


I am attempting to catch up on reading the blogs. I am so glad that Brett is continuing his walk with God. I can only imagine how grateful you are. Your words about the 'Master Gardener' brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart. All I can say about "Scattered" is WOW and AMEN!!

With Continued Prayers for You and Yours, Stacy

Carol said...

Hi sweet friend,

Oh my it's been to long since I've been to your blog. I think about you and Brett, pray for you.

I love the Scattered that was awesome. Also the hydrange bush very cool. But my favorite was hearing about how Brett is excited to talk about how Jesus has been healing him, and how you are walking through all this. You and he and your family will be such a testimony.

Keep on looking up to Jesus, and just slap those nasty little bugs. The Master is in Control.

Much love,

I also wanted to thank you for your words about Brinn in public school, they meant so much to me.