Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lost Boy

There once was a charming little boy who looked at the moon and saw a cookie

He had the biggest brown eyes that danced when he smiled and a more charming smile did not exist.

He enamored everyone wherever he went, even the crankiest of old men
Everyone loved him...... but most of all his mommy

She didn't know such love was even possible, sometimes the fear of something happening to him was more than she could bear

He brought her such joy!

Questions all the time about every little thing.....
Why does water bubble when it gets hot? Why don't spiders fall off the ceiling? Who made God?

hugs, kisses, giggles, and always I Love You Mommy!

Then one day when she wasn't looking..... He started to grow up.
He could get his own cereal in the morning and pour his own juice, he could even take a bath and wash his own hair.

He found the answers to alot of his questions in books and of course school.
So he didn't need his mommy so much anymore.
She was sad but all little boys need to grow up so she let him.

Years went by and the mommy was very busy as mommies always are. There were other children to care for, errands to run, and always housework.

Then one day she realized that she had not seen the little boy in awhile, Oh she saw him come and go but as she watched him she realized a difference about him.

He looked like her little boy, same dark hair, same big brown eyes... maybe that was it, his eyes didn't dance anymore.

There were no questions, no hugs,no kisses not even an occasional giggle.

Where did he go??

In time she began to look for him.

Sometimes she felt like she would never find him...she cried alot

She looked and looked but he was nowhere....

A couple of times she thought she had found him but alas it wasn't her little boy at all an imposter, a cruel imitation, he looked like the boy, talked like him, walked like him...but it wasn't him. Gone were the dancing eyes, the thoughtful questions.

When she looked at him she saw indifference, pain, a disregard for all that he used to hold dear.

In time she came to see that the sweet boy she loved was indeed there but trapped.

Trapped in a haze of confusion, lies, drugs, addiction.

Did he even understand he was trapped? Could he just leave? Did he want to leave?